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On the Use of Video in Support of a Maritime Robotics STEM Outreach Program

Presented at K-12 and Outreach

This paper describes the development of educational videos designed to supplement a kit-based hands-on STEM program that uses lighter than air vehicles to introduce 9th-12th grade aged learners to biologically inspired maritime robotics. Under an ONR-supported effort described in [1], the research team utilized biological inspiration to develop an engaging robotics kit with three hull shapes (a notional tuna, ray, and jellyfish) and two propulsion mechanisms (propellers and flapping). A standards aligned curriculum was developed in parallel to teach learners about structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, biologically-inspired propulsion, system design, and swarming. To increase engagement with the text-based and hands-on content, a series of videos were produced in partnership with Mason’s professional video studio, GMU-TV. This paper describes the iterative scripting process involving researchers and video production professionals, the recording sessions, postproduction work, and video launch.

[1] McCue, L., Hagarty, A., Nowzari, C., Raz, A., Riggi, M., Rosenberg, J., Shishika, D., Smith, C., Nelson, J., “Work-in-Progress: Development of a new hands-on STEM program for biologically inspired maritime robotics,” Ocean and Marine Engineering Division, American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, June, 2022.

  1. Dr. Leigh S McCue George Mason University [biography]
  2. Stacey Rathbun George Mason University Television [biography]
  3. Dr. Daigo Shishika Department of Mechanical Engineering, George Mason University [biography]
  4. Cynthia Smith PhD George Mason University [biography]
  5. Erin Hagarty George Mason University
  6. Richard Wood George Mason University [biography]
  7. Prof. Cameron Nowzari George Mason University [biography]
  8. Mr. James Yang George Mason University [biography]
  9. Erin Williams George Mason University
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