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T203·Technical Session T2
Technical GIFTS
Tue. August 2, 2022 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Session Description

Technical Session T2

Papers Presented
  1. GIFTS: Engaging First-Year Mechanical Engineering Students in Spreadsheets and Programming [view paper]
    Dr. Allison L. Kinney (University of Dayton), Dr. Vinayak Vijayan (University of Dayton), Yucheng Li (University of Dayton), and Shanpu Fang (University of Dayton)
  2. GIFTS: Engineers in gear: Building a student support model to transcend the COVID era [view paper]
    Dr. Sheldon Levias (University of Washington), Dr. Lynne Spencer Ph.D. (College of Engineering, University of Washington), and Mr. Kelsey F Gabel (University of Washington Engineering Academic Center )
  3. GIFTS: Retention Improvement Efforts in the Undergraduate Living and Learning Community at the University of South Carolina [view paper]
    Prof. Edward P Gatzke (University of South Carolina)
  4. GIFTS: The secret is in the details. Improving oral presentation skills with a peer and self-assessed feedback module. [view paper]
    Ms. Sarah Lynn Benson (Northeastern University ) and Dr. Leila Keyvani Someh (Northeastern University)
  5. GIFTS: Introducing Quad Chart to Reinforce Technical Communication Skills [view paper]
    Ms. Debjani Sarkar () and Mr. Timothy J Hinds (Michigan State University)
  6. GIFTS: Assumptions, Approximations, and Dimensional Analyses, Oh My! [view paper]
    Dr. Charles E. Pierce (University of South Carolina)
  7. GIFTS: Incorporating Patent Review into First-Year Student Design Projects to Support Ideation, Concept Selection, and Commercialization [view paper]
    Dr. Lee Kemp Rynearson (Campbell University)
  8. GIFTS: Introducing First Year Students to The Running Track Analogy of an Electric Circuit [view paper]
    Dr. Christopher Horne P.E. (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University)