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T101B·Technical Session T1B
Technical Full Papers
Tue. August 2, 2022 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM
Session Description

Technical Session T1B

Papers Presented
  1. Full Paper: Goal-Setting Reflections for First-Year Students [view paper]
    Dr. Charles E. Pierce (University of South Carolina)
  2. Student and Instructor Reflections on Integrating Short Mindfulness-Based Meditation Practices into a First-Year Engineering Design Course [view paper]
    Dr. Hannah Nolte (The Pennsylvania State University), Dr. Elizabeth Marie Starkey (Pennsylvania State University), Dr. Christopher McComb (Carnegie mellon University), and Dr. Nicolas F F Soria Zurita (The Pennsylvania State University & Universidad San Francisco de Quito)
  3. Familial Influence on the Choice to Study Engineering: Insights from a Cross-University Study. [view paper]
    Miss Amanda Marie Singer (Michigan Technological University), Mrs. Katrina L Carlson (Michigan Technological University), Dr. Akua B. Oppong-Anane (West Virginia University), Dr. Michelle E Jarvie-Eggart P.E. (Michigan Technological University), and Dr. Sarah Tan (Michigan Technological University)
  4. Full Paper: Student Reflections on Team Experiences in a First-Year Engineering Course [view paper]
    Dr. Jenahvive K. Morgan (Michigan State University)