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M501A·Technical Session M5A
Technical Full Papers
Mon. August 1, 2022 3:45 PM to 5:30 PM
Session Description

Technical Session M5A

Papers Presented
  1. The First-Year Computer Science Experience Project [view paper]
    Prof. John Cole (The University of Texas at Dallas)
  2. Full Paper: First-Year Computing Course with Multiple Computing Environments - Integrating Excel, Python and MATLAB [view paper]
    Dr. Sean P Brophy (Purdue University at West Lafayette (COE)), Dr. John H Cole (Purdue University), Mr. Srinivas Mohan Dustker (Purdue University at West Lafayette (COE)), Dr. William "Bill" C. Oakes (Purdue University at West Lafayette (COE)), and Dr. Carla B. Zoltowski (Purdue University at West Lafayette (COE))
  3. First Year Engineering Student Definitions of Systems Engineering: A Comparison Between Two Institutions [view paper]
    Mrs. Katrina L Carlson (Michigan Technological University), Dr. Akua B. Oppong-Anane (Montana Technological University), Dr. Michelle E Jarvie-Eggart P.E. (Michigan Technological University), and Miss Amanda Marie Singer (Michigan Technological University)