2022 First-Year Engineering Experience

WIP: The Importance of Freehand Sketching and Technical Drawing

Presented at Technical Session M1

Work in Progress Paper: The Importance of Freehand Sketching and Technical Drawing Techniques
This Work in Progress Paper discusses the importance of freehand sketching and technical drawing skills for students studying computer aided drawing. Freehand sketching is the process of drawing without any measuring instruments and is accomplished via pencil and eraser only whereas technical drawing is drawing by use of drafting equipment including t-squared, drawing triangles, and French curves. Freehand sketching has been shown to be important because it connects students’ hand movements to their mental thinking ability. In addition, freehand sketching is a quick method of communicating and idea in a graphical format. With the advancement of computer technology, many universities have deemphasized freehand sketching and technical drawing skills over computer-aided design methods. This research aims to show how freehand sketching and technical drawing techniques taught to first-year civil engineering students impacts the students’ understanding of computer-aided design (CAD). The objective of this research is to determine the students’ perception of the helpfulness of the freehand and technical drawing and correlate these perceptions to the understanding of CAD techniques. Current as well as former students who have completed a first-year civil engineering graphics course will be surveyed to determine the effectiveness of this process.

  1. Prof. Raymond Eugene McGinnis Jr. Christian Brothers University [biography]
  2. Dr. Andrew Assadollahi, P.E. Christian Brothers University [biography]
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