2022 First-Year Engineering Experience

Fully Engaged: Integrating mindfulness and meditation in engineering classes

Presented at Technical Session M3B

The purpose of this workshop is to actively involve participants in the practice of mindfulness and meditation while learning its principles and how to integrate them in a variety of ways into engineering classes. The workshop will look at the art and science of mindfulness and meditation interspersed with activities used to teach and practice. The format will be hands-on including participation in exercises as well as discussions and sharing of practices from a variety of perspectives. The content comes from various texts on mindfulness such as Fully Present: The Science, Art, and Practice of Mindfulness, by Susan L. Smalley. The activities will include guided practice sessions and discussions that illustrate and elucidate the content and use of meditation and mindfulness in engineering classes. Presenting and practicing a variety of ways allows participants to customize for their comfort and knowledge to grow and add on where they see the best fit.

  1. Dr. Richard Whalen Northeastern University [biography]
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