2022 First-Year Engineering Experience

Community-Engaged Learning in First-Year Engineering

Presented at Technical Session S2C

Community-engaged learning or service learning has grown pedagogy in higher education and within engineering and related fields. The pedagogy integrates academic learning with service activities and partnerships with local or global communities. It provides a learning environment that is very well-matched with ABET across programatic outcomes as students can learn strong technical skills while developing teamwork, communication and leaderships skills. The community and human context provides rich learning experiences for contemporary social, global and ethical issues. . Evidence suggests that community-engaged learning also has the potential to increase participation among underrepresented populations within engineering, technology and computing. Evidence also shows that participants increase motivation to stay in engineering offering exciting opportunties for first-year programs. There are however many challenges integrating real community engagement into the classroom including meeting learning outcomes and partner needs. This interactive workshop will provide an introduction to community engaged leanring and use a recently developed model to explore approaches that seek to balance value to students and communities as well as resources that are needed from each. Resources, partnerships, benefits and potential barriers will be discussed to provide strategies for successful implementation at the participants’ own institutions. The presenter is experienced in the field and has conducted more than 100 faculty workshops on the subject area.

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