2022 First-Year Engineering Experience

GIFTS: Retention Improvement Efforts in the Undergraduate Living and Learning Community at the University of South Carolina

Presented at Technical Session T2

The University of South Carolina Engineering and Computing Living and Learning Community is focused on helping students succeed in their academic careers. For many years, program activities include a one-hour professional development course, linked coursework for mathematics and chemistry courses, and residence hall tutoring availability. Recent new supports for student retention will be discussed. These efforts include:
1. Early Move-In Boot camp - A short optional course helps students adjust to campus and form social networks while providing mathematics review and professional development information.
2. More linked courses - In addition to mathematics and chemistry, the living and learning community now has implemented linked humanities coursework in the spring so that students living together can take more courses with other residents.
3. Spring activities - Traditionally, most retention efforts have focused on acclimation in the Fall semester. New efforts help support students throughout their entire first year so that they have help in taking corrective actions.

  1. Prof. Edward P Gatzke University of South Carolina [biography]
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