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S03B·Track 2 - Session II - Curriculum Development
Technical Curriculum Development
Sat. June 22, 2013 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Juniper, Omni CNN Hotel
Session Description

Track 2 - Session II - Curriculum Development Track Session

Moderated by
  1. Dr. Ken Burbank
Papers Presented
  1. An Interim Report of a Four-Year Joint Global Engineer [view paper]
    Dr. Masakatsu Matsuishi (Kanazawa Institute of Technology), Dr. Hiroko Fudano (Kanazawa Institute of Technology), Dr. Jun Fudano (Kanazawa Institute of Technology), Dr. Scott Clark (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), and Dr. Richard Eugene Stamper P.E. (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
  2. Engineering Visiting Fellows: A modular, low-cost model for scalable, university-facilitated international K-12 partnerships in engineering education [view paper]
    Mr. Jared P Coyle (Drexel University), Dr. Jamie Lyn Kennedy (Drexel University), Jessica S Ward (Drexel University), and Dr. Adam K Fontecchio (Drexel University (Eng.))
  3. A Systematic Methodology for the Development of Enterprise at the Base of the Economic Pyramid [view paper]
    Dr. Brad Rogers (Arizona State University, Polytechnic campus), Dr. Kiril D Hristovski (Arizona State University, Polytechnic Campus), Dr. Nalini Chhetri (Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University), Prof. Benjamin L. Ruddell (Arizona State University), Dr. Mark R Henderson (Arizona State University, Polytechnic campus), and Mr. John H Takamura Jr (Arizona State University)
  4. NanoJapan International Research Experience for Undergraduates: [view paper]
    Dr. Cheryl Matherly (The University of Tulsa), Sarah R. Phillips (Rice University ), and Prof. Junichiro Kono (Rice University)
    Prof. Claudia María Zea Restrepo P.E. (Universidad EAFIT), Dr. Alejandra J. Magana (Purdue University at West Lafayette (COE)), Prof. Juan Guillermo Lalinde-Pulido (Universidad EAFIT), Dr. Alberto Rodriguez P.E. (Universidad EAFIT), and Ing. Natalia Andrea Bueno Pizarro (Universidad EAFIT)
  6. Establishing an American Global Campus in SUNY Korea: Challenges and Excitement in Preparing Global Engineers [view paper]
    Dr. Imin Kao (Stony Brook University (SUNY)), Dr. Yacov A. Shamash (Stony Brook University), and Dr. ChoonHo Kim (SUNY Korea)